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custom Picture frame

Class: Manufacturing Engineering (ME 312)

Year: Fall 2019

Goal: Design and Manufacture two identical objects, using 2 or more different materials. A video presentation is also required along with the objects and the engineering drawing.


  • unique, custom-made design with acrylic and walnut wood

  • prototyped solely using machines on campus, including the Glowforge lasercutter and Carvey the 3D carver

  • two identical objects, sanded and thoroughly checked for quality by hand


Technical Details

The goal is to design and fabricate a simple object, produced in quantity. The object must use at least two different materials, and the product compliance with schematic design was central to the success of the assignment. The final product can NOT contain any 3D printed components, and practicality of the objects is urged.

The final project is a pair of picture frames, with acrylic panels and wooden base made of walnut wood. The model was designed using OnShape, and prototyped in compliance with the schematic drawing. The acrylic panels were lasercut using the Glowforge, and the wooden base was initially carved using the Carvey, with the excess wooden end cut with a bandsaw. Both the acrylic panels and the wooden base are deburred and sanded using files and sand paper.

All parts of the project were manufactured with resources and machines on campus.

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