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Research & Programming

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Data Science for Social Good - Grameen Bank | Spring 2020

Partnering up with non-profit organizations, the interdisciplinary course Data Science for Social Good combines engineers, artists, and architects to help create meaningful, easy-to-follow, and beautiful infographics. This project partnered with Grameen Bank, with a team of 4 engineers (1 electrical, 3 mechanical) and 1 artist.

Implementing Circular Economy in Engineering Curriculum | Fall 2019

Concepts of Circular Economy are important, especially in our consumption-based unsustainable society. However, there is an overall lack of such concepts in education, especially in current engineering undergraduate curriculum. The final thesis explores and suggests means of implementing concepts of Circular Economy in the existing Mechanical Engineering curriculum at the Cooper Union.

Rose Auditorium Auralization | Spring 2019

In order to analyze a space for its acoustic properties, measurements of the acoustic behavior of the Rose Auditorium was taken using custom MATLAB programs, and was modeled using OnShape, AutoCAD, and CATT-Acoustics.  The model parameter was tested and modified to match that of the measured profile, and was changed to match its original purpose better. Both impulse responses found through the two methods were then used for auralization of the space. 

DAT Optimization for AHU | Spring 2019

In line with the Cooper Union's LEED Platinum status, this program was programmed on MATLAB to find the optimal discharge air temperature (DAT) for any AHU. The user only has to input one file with the names and current & minimum occupied air flow [CFM]  of all the rooms served by an AHU, and the program graphs the overall and individual components' power consumption and cost. The program also outputs the optimal DAT for the given current situation.

Unknown Noise Identification | Spring 2019

The source of a frequently occurring, disturbing unknown noise in a classroom was identified by measuring and analyzing both the vibrational and acoustical data from the noise. Using custom-made MATLAB programs and functions for Digital Signal Processing (DSP), the coherence of the different signals were found and the noise source was identified. 

ME 408
Turducken Cooking Challenge | Fall 2018

A system for cooking a given turducken with the custom-created skewers for the fastest cooking time yet maintaining the most consistent cooking temperatures was designed. The system was analyzed using ANSYS APDL, Workbench, and Hypermesh to satisfy specific design constraints, as well as hand calculations.