Projects & Prototypes

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Custom Photo Frame | Fall 2019

An identical pair of photo frames were manufactured in compliance with engineering schematic drawings created from CAD models. All parts were manufactured using tools and machines on campus. The parts were deburred using sandpaper and files.

Modular Motor Transmission | Fall 2019

A modular hobby motor transmission gear box was designed and prototyped. All parts except the ones provided are lasercut, 3D-printed, or CNC-ed. The gear box has three possible transmission gear ratios, and can be mounted to three different motors.

CAD-lloween Competition | Fall 2019

A completely 3D-printable halloween accessory was designed and prototyped, with at least one pair of snap-fit configuration. The pumpkin basket can be used to hold candy, as a purse, or as a candle-holder. The project was submitted for SolidProfessor's annual CAD-lloween competition.

Cheese Wedge | Spring 2019

A fully autonomous robot created for a SumoRobot competition. The robot has to stay inside the ring at all times, while pushing other robots out of the ring. Designed to dig under its opponents to push them out, the robot resembles a wedge of cheese, hence its name.

Air Rocket Test Stand | Spring 2019

An experimental test stand (coupled with another experiment with a pressure vessel) to measure the thrust of an air bottle rocket. The thrust, measured with a load cell, is plotted against the temperature and pressure of inside the bottle

One String Finger Guitar | Fall 2018

A set of instruments created with the concepts of portability, availability, and affordability. The instrument could be fabricated with various materials, and four variations of the model was created with plastic (PLA), acrylic, and plywood. The four instruments cost less than $20 to create.

Yours Truly | Summer 2018

Yours Truly, a wearable device that tracks a woman's menstrual cycle non-intrusively (using four physiological markers & unique algorithms) to help them get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant, was one of the inventions from Invention Factory Summer 2018. It received 3rd place.

Maze Runner | Spring 2018

A novel arcade game with a modular, interactive maze completely designed, machined, programmed, 3D printed, lasercut, and assembled by hand. The maze is meant to be played collaboratively by two players, and changes each time a goal is reached. The score and remaining time can be seen on the visible scoreboard.

Drawbot | Spring 2018

An arduino-based robot that can trace the outline of any shape. Using two stepper motors, four rods, and a single belt, the drawbot can be programmed to move in any direction in a seamless manner. It utilizes similar concepts and mechanisms as a 3D Printer, only in 2D (no z-axis).

Avalanche | Fall 2015

A novel game of "avalanche" without the use of a microcontroller. Solely based on breadboards, chips, and logic gates, and a protoboard user interface with buttons and LEDs. The player has to dodge randomly falling objects, which increases in speed as player succeeds.

Cöpter Union | Fall 2015

Quadcopter designed to pick up & transport vials of different shape and weight. The body is completely designed and created from scratch, and so is the unique pick-up mechanism. Won 1st place at the competition, where I presented the final project to an audience of 150+ students and faculty.