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Solidprofessor Halloween


Class: Cloud-Based Engineering (ME 314)

Year: Fall 2019

Goal: Design and fabricate a Halloween accessory that can be entirely 3D printed. The accessory must be creative, original, and well designed. There should be at least one pair of snap-fit joints.


  • snap- fit circular ring cantilever joint for handles

  • designed entirely on OnShape, with different versions and branches for design changes

  • multiple uses, as candy-bag, purse, or candle holder

Technical Details

A pumpkin "basket" with handles are designed, with the two parts of the handle snap-fitting together at the center, in a ring cantilever design. The design was chosen using the engineering decision matrix. All parts are designed to ensure 3D-printability, following minimum tolerances.


The pumpkin basket consists of 3 parts: the pumpkin main body, and the male and female parts of the handle. For the ring, cantilever snap fit of the handle, the maximum allowable deflection and maximum load are calculated to ensure that the design is fail-proof.

The project was submitted for SolidProfessor's Halloween "CAD-lloween" competition.

The final report can be found here.

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