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Motor transmission

gear box

Class: Cloud-Based Engineering (ME 314)

Year: Fall 2019

Goal: Design and manufacture a modular electric motor transmission, with the input shaft able to be attached to three different motors. there should be at least tree possible configurations for the input:output ratio. The housing for the transmission must be fully enclosed, following the requirements.


  • three gear ratios by sliding and fastening three gears at a time

  • all gears are 3D-printed and can be recreated easily

  • box secured with acrylic glue with the removable-lid connected with 3D-printed L-brackets

  • CNC-ed logo using the Carvey

  • motor mounts lasercut and shaft couplings 3D-printed

  • Arduino program to calculate backlash of each motor

  • satisfies all given constraints

Technical Details

The proposed gearbox satisfies the size criteria fitting inside a 4"x 4" x 3" space. The motor mount that attaches to the gearbox and mounts the motor to the input shaft can be fitted with three motors, with two given. The transmission output shaft is a standard 1/4" circular shaft. The gears in the gearbox can be adjusted to different orientations so there are three possible input:output configurations.

The proposed gearbox can be fitted with three different motors interchangeably. All gears are 3D-printed, drilled, tapped, sanded, or filled to slide through the rods, and to have set-screws where needed. The casing is made from 1/4" acrylic sheets that are lasercut, and all slides except the lid are welded together using acrylic glue. The lid can be screwed on with tapped L-brackets on two parallel sides of the box. The L-brackets are fastened on the sides of the box with a screw and a nut. The user will only need to screw the lid on and off, without a nut as the L-brackets are tapped.

The changing of the gear configuration starts with unscrewing and taking off the lid of the gearbox. After the lid is taken off, the user can unfasten the set screws of the gears, and shift them into the three different configurations. After shifting the gears into the desired configuration and set-screwed, the lid can be screwed back on. The Arduino program below is used to calculated the backlash of the transmission of the three motors.

The final report can be found here.

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